Displacement and Forced Evictions
KNCHR Officer with a section of IDPs at GIWA farm

KNCHR Officer with a section of IDPs at GIWA farm

Building materials to be distributed to IDPs

Building materials to be distributed to IDPs for construction of houses at Rusiru Primary School at Injoro District

IDPs at GIWA farm showing their registration cards

A Section of IDPs at GIWA farm showing their registration cards dismissing claims that they are not legitimate IDPs.


Training for regional IDP monitors

Training for regional IDP monitors for the  upcoming monitoring projects in several parts of the country.

Internal Displacement and Forced Evictions.


The work on internal displacement and forced evictions commenced in the year 2003 but on small scale. This programme has been sustained through receiving and processing of complaints from individuals, groups, established institutional and media reports. In response, KNCHR works with relevant national and county governance structures among them ministries, departments, and constitutional commissions. Others include development partners, international and regional actors, civil society, humanitarian sector and directly or indirectly affected communities. KNCHR also undertakes elaborate documentation and dissemination of its findings to targeted actors towards seeking accountability and protection for human rights.

Documentation has been made possible through administering and analysing of displacement monitoring tools (link to monitoring tools) that captures at least all Internally Displacement Persons (IDPs) protection needs . On forced evictions, the commission has been and will continue to monitor and document such cases in ensuring that those carrying out evictions adhere to the required guidelines (link to eviction guidelines). KNCHR also has an online IDP monitoring website where publications and relevant displacement information can be accessed .

In partnership with relevant actors under the auspice of the National Protection on Internal Displacement (link to PWGID), KNCHR undertakes advocacy and targeted sensitization on protection of human rights of displaced persons.

Forced Evictions

Forced Evictions

Internal Displacement

The exact figure of Internally Displaced Persons in Kenya remains unknown. Following the 2007 post election violence (PEV) in Kenya, an estimated 663,921 people were reported to be internally displaced. About 350,000 persons sought refuge in 118 IDP camps, 313,921 were integrated within communities across the country and 640 households fled to neighbouring Uganda. Out of the 663,000 PEV IDPs, it is estimated that up to 50,000 IDPs still reside in a ‘camp like situation’.

A total of 773 Kenyan refugees in Uganda have returned and presumably reintegrated into their areas of origin. Prior to that it is estimated that over 300,000 people were displaced as a result of politically instigated clashed from 1997-2007, unresolved land grievances, poor governance and socioeconomic insecurity. Many other people have been displaced as a result of other causes including floods, droughts and evictions. Learn More

Forced Evictions

The practice of forced evictions is a growing national problem that threatens lives and livelihoods especially of the most vulnerable and marginalized members of the society including the urban poor, slum dwellers, persons living with disability, minorities and indigenous groups, women, children and the elderly. Forced evictions have been carried out under the pretext of forest conservation, development projects, and slum upgrading projects. They have invariably led to unwarranted loss of property, lives and livelihoods.

These evictions have been carried out in violations human rights standards enshrined in our Constitution as well as regional and international human rights instruments to which Kenya is party.KNCHR and its partners have continuously monitored and documented cases of forced evictions in Kenya. Learn More

Internal Displacement

Internal Displacement

Projects Involving Internal Displacement Work.


The following are some of the main projects 
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