2022 Findings

The Commission documented the 2022 findings in the follwing phases.
KNCHR Interventions - 2022

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determination and action

The 2017 Human Rights election reports are dedicated to the all who lost their lives following the 8th August 2017 General Election. In particular, the 6-months-old baby Samantha Pendo, the 7-year-old Fred Omondi and 8-year-old Stephanie Moraa whose lives were tragically cut short in an electoral protest where they were not even qualified to participate either as voters or candidates. The life of every Kenyan is sacrosanct. The sanctity of life is protected under Article 26 of our Constitution. No Kenyan should ever lose their life in an election-related conflict.

disclaimer: The elections 2017 images gallery below might be uncomfortable for viewing