Internship Programme

Since its inception in 2003, the KNCHR initiated and implemented an internship programme. This programme is born out of the realization that internships are a significant way in which to lure new and youthful talent from students to the Commission while enabling them (students) to meet their short term needs and assistance in the career learning process. Student-interns also bring with them to the Commission, enthusiasm and current theoretical knowledge that may be useful and value-adding to its work. 

The National Commission’s internship programme is a product of careful research and planning for its effectiveness and productivity. Fresh graduates are recruited to the one year programme and are attached to the various departments to gain important lessons on the operations of and functions of a National Human Rights Institution. However, international students are also granted short term internships.

The KNCHR Internship Programme is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To expose interns to the work of the National Commission thereby giving them an in-depth understanding of the Commission’s mandate, objectives, opportunities and the challenges and; further to enable them gain practical knowledge of the Commission’s inner workings.
  2. To provide a framework by which students from diverse academic backgrounds are assigned to the Commission where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical assignments thus giving them practical work and educational experience in the unique environment of the Commission.
  3. To provide the Commission with the assistance of qualified students who have specialised in various research and academic disciplines related to different aspects of human rights hence affording it the services of highly qualified people to assist in programmes work thereby contributing substantively to the work of the Commission.
  4. To create active supporters and advocates of human rights and through their network, to raise awareness of the work and influence of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights in the promotion and protection of human rights nationally and internationally.

Internship vacancies are announced on a need be basis through the daily newspapers, our website and through our partners.

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