Rightfully Speaking: Keeping the Human Rights Candle Burning July-September 2023

No one, in my view, sang the mapambano song better than the valiant and indefatigable Kenyan politician, the late Otieno Kajwang (May he rest in peace). One could feel and connect with the palpable passion and verve in his throat as he belted the solidarity forever lyrics and with the conviction to boot. That is now in the recent past. Counting the decades back as a child - or should I say eyewitness of the 1990 Saba Saba movement; I watched in disbelief all the action on the front row seat of our living room window. The police officers chased the demonstrators and their leaders in the open field and down the narrow lanes of the informal settlements. Yes- that was Eastlands for you, where the call to action reigned supreme and was frequently re-lived in the spirit of a luta continua. Read more..


Rightfully Speaking: Keeping the Human Rights Candle Burning April-June 2023

Here is to telling the Kenyan journey of progressive realization of human rights and adherence to the rule of law. The road is not always smooth, but with guidance of the Constitution and other legislative frameworks, something always gives. Our vision is to strengthen accountability for human rights and ensure that every citizen is capacitated to claim their rights, is aware of their responsibility and those charged with upholding rights do so within the provisions of the law. Read more