Elections and Human Rights

Elections in Kenya

Democratic elections provide an opportunity for the Kenyan people to express their will to make political choices. Read more

KNCHR Role In Elections

Being a right guaranteed in the Kenyan Constitution, the Commission’s engagement towards the realisation of the right to vote and be voted for Read more

The 2017 General Elections

Country witnessed for the first time the upsurge of independent candidates , nullification and conduct of Fresh Presidential Election Read more

2017 Findings

The Commission documented the 2017 findings in three major phases.
KNCHR Interventions - 2017

The KNCHR undertook interventions geared towards empowering all members of the community especially the vulnerable, marginalised and in the rural areas on their right to vote and be voted for, right to security, freedom of expression, right to picket and peaceful assemblies and to shun violence through community radio activations and national dialogues.

The Commission endeavoured throughout the electioneering period to update the nation on the state of human rights and freedoms throughout the electioneering period through bi weekly media briefs which included key recommendations on ongoing concerns or issues. The impact of these media briefs is that it served as both as an advocacy strategy and watchdog by putting all the actors on notice. This was aimed to act as a deterrence to the escalation of human rights violations. KNCHR provided 6 memorandums to the National Assembly and Senate, IEBC, Education Ministry and the TSC which were aimed at strengthening the respect for human rights and freedoms. These included: 

  1. Memorandum election reforms presented to the Joint Parliamentary Select Committee (JPSC) 
  2. Memorandum on the Elections Laws (Amendment) Bill, (National Assembly Bill No. 3 0f 2015 on the introduction of provisions for back up in case of the failure of technology
  3. Memorandum to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission on the clean up of the voters’ register and the mass voter registration
  4. Advisory on the misuse of children in political campaigns to the CS Education and TSC
  5. Memorandum on the Election Offences (Amendment) Bill, 2017 on the repealing of section 14 that prohibits government from advertising its achievements during an electioneering period. 
  6. Advisory Memorandum to IEBC on public participation 

what we belive in

determination and action

The 2017 Human Rights election reports are dedicated to the all who lost their lives following the 8th August 2017 General Election. In particular, the 6-months-old baby Samantha Pendo, the 7-year-old Fred Omondi and 8-year-old Stephanie Moraa whose lives were tragically cut short in an electoral protest where they were not even qualified to participate either as voters or candidates. The life of every Kenyan is sacrosanct. The sanctity of life is protected under Article 26 of our Constitution. No Kenyan should ever lose their life in an election-related conflict.

disclaimer: The elections 2017 images gallery below might be uncomfortable for viewing

2017 General Elections - In Pictures