Rights of Older Persons

4th State of Human Rights Report -POST PROMULGATION 2010 – 2014 
The promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 marked a significant milestone in the quest for recognition of human rights in the country. In comparison with the independence constitution, the 2010 version was subjected to a referendum vote; therefore according the people of Kenya its authorship and ownership.It reiterates the provisions of international and regional instruments applicable to the country;thereby consolidating the otherwise several norms and standards that have long served as a reference point for human rights.

The period under review has seen great efforts by the political class in absconding their constitutionally enshrined obligations,particularly those relating to international law.There was an increase in actions that violated human rights in anti-terrorism activities,determination of salaries and benefits of parliamentarians and former members of the executive and lack of accountability under the Rome Statute. Download Report