29 Days of Terror In The Delta: KNCHR Account Into The Atrocities At Tana Delta

This is an inquiry report carried out by KNCHR concerning the conflict in Tana Delta and surrounding areas which had occasioned egregious human rights violations. During the 29 days of intense hostilities between the Ormas and Pokomos more than 116 people were killed and 49 casualties reported. Slightly more than half of those killed were women and children. More than 668 houses were burnt down, over 458 heads of cattle were either killed or stolen, out of which 198 were found hacked to death.

The conflict saw a total of 3,302 households representing a population of about 19,970 people internally displaced from various villages including Kau, Riketa, Kilelengwani, Chamwanamuma, Semikaro, Nduru and Shirikisho. The affected families/ or individuals settled in at least 5 spontaneous IDP camps, while others integrated locally or moved to nearby towns that were not affected among them Malindi, Kilifi and Mombasa. This report provides recommendations targeting various state and non-state institutions.


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