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Freedom of Association

A human rights defenders handbookA human Rights Defenders Handbook

This handbook will act as a resource tool and a repository of information and knowledge for human rights defenders in their line of duty. It intends to create awareness of the role of human rights defenders, as well as empower the Humans rights defenders to enable them identify, investigate, document and report human rights violations. It offers holistic guidance from the work perspective to the personal care and wellbeing of the defender Download Report


Model Human Rights Defenders Policy And Action Plan

The policy and action plan acknowledges the role of HRDs adding that respect for human rights cannot be realized without them as they ensure that human rights violations are noticed and addressed. It further acknowledges that part of the State’s mandate is to provide a safe and secure legislative and operating environment for HRDs and institutions. The purpose of the plan is to therefore create a conducive environment for the HRDs and institutions to carry out their work. This will require the sensitization of state and non-state actors to the role of HRDs as well as the development of a legal framework that supports and defends both the HRDs and their work. The policy and action plan looks into both the concerns and the actions that can be taken on the concerns and also goes further to provide an implementation plan. Download Report

Defending the Defenders: Human Rights Defenders in Conflict with the Law

Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) are often subjected to arbitrary arrests and detentions, death threats, harassment and defamation, restrictions on their freedoms of movement, expression, association and assembly among many other violations of human rights. This has an effect on their critical role of defending, promoting and protecting human rights. In light of this, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) embarked on a monitoring and inspection exercise in places of detention to establish the situation of HRDS when in conflict with the law.  Download Report