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PDF ICONNHRI information to the 128th session of the Human Rights Committee

The submission provides information in relation to the Kenyan Government’s implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Kenya acceded to the ICCPR on 1st May 1972 and submitted its initial report on 15 August 1979. This list of issues relates to the fourth periodic report of the State of Kenya which was due in 27th July 2015. The State submitted its report on 28 December, 2018.This submission demonstrates, through various situations and incidences, that there are significant areas where the Kenyan government could take steps to tremendously improve implementation of its obligations under ICCPR. The submission therefore includes recommendations, where appropriate. Download Report



The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights in collaboration with Civil Society Organisations and State agencies have been advocating for the decriminalisation and reclassification of petty offences in Kenya. Decriminalisation and reclassification involve administering new perspectives of dealing with petty offences which includes abolishing some petty offences from our current laws. The advocacy by KNCHR and CSOs targets to ease service delivery within the criminal justice system such and address aspects such as decongestion in prisons and places of detention that bear a great cost to the State. The Criminal Justice System should be empowered to use other measures such as issuance of warnings to offenders, compulsory counselling, community service orders for petty offences amongst other redress measures. Download Document

Report of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights on Violations of Human Rights in the Matter of Miguna Miguna
The Commission admitted and followed this specific matter pursuant to its Constitutional obligation under Article 59 (1) (d) (e) of the Constitution of Kenya which requires the Commission: (d) to monitor, investigate and report on the observance of human rights in all spheres of life in the Republic, including observance by the national security organs; and (e) to receive and investigate complaints about alleged abuses of human rights and take steps to secure appropriate redress where human rights have been violated;. Download Report

Constitutional Petition No.51 of 2018 - Judgement