Security Sector Reforms

The KNCHR Security Sector Reforms engages in undertaking the following activities as part of reforming the wide security and law enforcement agencies;

  1. An audit of the implementation of various laws and policies on the Security Sector.
  2. Advocacy for the implementation of various laws and policies on Security Sector.
  3. Providing a platform for the wider non – state actors to engage with the state on matters of security sector reforms
  4. Working on accountability for the human rights violations that are committed by security agencies.
  5. Monitoring various police processes such as police recruitment processes, police operations among others
  6. Building capacity of both the members of the law enforcement agencies and the public on human rights based approach to policing.
  7. Human Rights Audit of Law Enforcement and Security Agencies.

Some of the institutions that we focus on include the National Police Service, the County Inspectorates, the County Policing Authorities, the Independent Policing Oversight Authority, the National Police Servce Commission and a host of non – state actors working on issues of policing.

Our Work On Security Sector Reforms
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