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Children Rights


Falling Through The Cracks: An Assessment Of The Impacts Of Covid 19 On The Rights & Welfare Of Children With Disability In Kenya

This report examines the impact of COVID-19 on the rights and welfare of children with disabilities in Kenya. It highlights the vulnerabilities exacerbated by the pandemic, particularly among wheelchair-dependent children, and underscores the need for improved safeguards. The study evaluates the pandemic's implications on global children's rights agreements and emphasizes the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 measures on this demographic. Recommendations focus on inclusive strategies and early intervention planning for future crises to ensure comprehensive support for children with disabilities. Read more


PDF ICONKNCHR Summary Of Children Act, 2022 and Our Commitment 

KNCHR’s mandate to realize child rights is informed by Article 59 of the Constitution and Section 8 of the KNCHR Act, 2011 to include the protection and promotion of rights for everyone including children; ‘Haki kwa wote kila wakati,’ observing that children are first human beings, and the characteristics of human rights that recognize rights as inherent, indivisible, interdependent and universal. In short, the realization of one right depends on the other and vice versa hence the KNCHR’s general role in overseeing the implementation of the entire Bill of rights (Chapter 4 of the Constitution). Read more


The Children Act 2022

An ACT of Parliament to give effect to Article 53 of the Constitution; to make provision for children rights, parental responsibility, alternative care of children including guardianship, foster care placement and adoption; to make provision for care and protection of children and children in conflict with the law; to make provision for, and regulate the administration of children services; to establish the National Council for Children’s Services and for connected purposes ENACTED by the Parliament of Kenya. Read more