Publication Catalogue 2010-2023

Catalogue of Past KNCHR Research Reports as per Thematic Areas from 2010-2023Catalogue of Past KNCHR Research Reports as per Thematic Areas from 2010-2023

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR OR Commission) has a broad mandate of protecting and promoting human rights in all spheres of life. The Commission’s research mandate is anchored under Article 59 of the Constitution as read with  Section 8 (e) of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) Act. The provision mandates the Commission to, ‘on its own initiative or on the basis of complaints, investigate or research a matter in respect of human rights, and make recommendations to improve the functioning of State organs’. Research allows for evidence based interventions on various human rights issues by the KNCHR. The Commission is committed to maintaining ethical standards in all its researches and ensuring the highest quality of research outputs. The Commission continues to call  for the implementation of the recommendations contained in these research reports by the respective duty bearers.

This Catalogue summarizes the key publications by the Commission  under the 2010 Constitution spanning the period 2010 to 2023. It will be updated periodically. The publications are classified thematically  and a link provided alongside each resource so as to allow for quick one stop access by the users. We trust that this will enhance access to our information resources and serve as a useful convenient reference guide for the public in general  and our stakeholders across academia, practitioners and duty bearers at both national and county level.

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