Curiculum and Training Manual Development

The Department of Public Education and Training is mandated with  the duty to educate, inform and create awareness to the public (right holders) and the public and private sector alike(duty bearers), on human rights issues. This, the department does by holding public awareness forums, holding human rights clinics, conducting thematic trainings for duty bearers and by developing curriculum and training manuals  that can be used by outside trainers and individuals Enhanced public awareness on human rights and mainstreamed in the processes and operations of  public and private actors.

The handbooks and Training Manuals developed in conjunction with partners and other departments include:

  • ADR Guidelines 2016
  • ADR Manual 2016
  • ADR Training Curriculum 2016
  • Curriculum on Migration and Human Rights
  • Handbook on Migration and Human Rights
  • Handbook of the Prevention and Torture Act 2017
  • Handbook on the National Coroners Service Act 2017
  • Manual on Prevention of Torture, 2018
  • Economic Social and Cultural Rights  (ESCR) Curriculum  and Training Manual For Duty Bearers