Security Sector Reports



In 2017, KNCHR carried out a four-county inquiry exercise into the then escalating insecurity situation among resident communities of Turkana, Elgeyo Marakwet, West Pokot, and Baringo Counties, most of whom are nomadic pastoralists. The inquiry unearthed a number of verifiable systemic and spontaneous human rights violations. They include historical marginalization, indignities while in contact with security forces, retrogressive cultures, economic sabotage, unresolved boundaries grievances, inter-community enmity, communal punishment by the State, little or no government presence, mass displacement, disruption of learning, and harmful effects of climate change to name a few. Since the launch of the inquiry report, the sequence of violence in the North Rift has not ceased significantly. Instead, there have been continued attacks and counter-attacks among communities leading to dozens losing lives and properties. In the face of the continuing deprivation of human rights, contempt in which resident communities are holding each other, the various layers of unresolved rights violations, and the less acknowledged Internally Displaced Persons situation, the Commission puts together this recommendations matrix to disseminate them among duty bearers both at the national level and in the region. The Commission expects appropriate actions in terms of policy, humanitarian, and or administrative as recommended herein. Download Report