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Homeless at Home: Human Rights Assessment of IDPs Situation in Kenya.

This report the first of its kind in Kenya to document human rights and protection concerns of IDPs in Kenya and provide comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data that is useful to both state and non-state actors working with displaced persons. The report also provides a raft of recommendations particularly to the Government of Kenya which if adopted will lead to the improvement of human rights situation of IDPs. It is KNCHR’s hope that our readers will find this report useful when they are designing interventions for displaced persons and affected communities.

Therefore this report presents findings of country wide project on monitoring situation of internal displacement in Kenya. The aim of the project was to document the human rights and protection concerns faced by IDPs from April to December 2011. It focused on all categories of displaced persons as well as persons with special needs among them women, children, the elderly and persons with disability. The report also makes appropriate recommendations to ameliorate the situation of IDPs.

Chapter one traces the background on internal displacement and unpackages the main causes of displacement in Kenya and their impact on the population. Chapter two identifies the relevant human rights and humanitarian law framework that applies to situation of IDPs. It also traces the development of specific instruments focused on IDPs at international and regional level. Further there is an in-depth discussion of Kenya’s legal and policy reform process and institutional framework relevant to IDPs. Chapter three provides the background to the IDP monitoring project. It outlines the overall goals and objectives and the methodology used in the project. Chapter four outlines comprehensive findings from the project presented in the form of both quantitative and qualitative data while chapter fives makes detailed recommendations to the Government of Kenya to ameliorate the situation of IDPs in Kenya.

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