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A Situational Analysis of Wajir, Marsabit and Garissa counties on the realisation of the rights to water and sanitation A Situational Analysis of Wajir, Marsabit and Garissa Counties on the Realisation of the Rights to Water and Sanitation .​

The human right to water is indispensable for leading a life in human dignity. As a fact, access to safe drinking water and reasonable standards of sanitation are key determinants to achieving the highest attainable standard of health. In light of this, KNCHR and Human Right 2 Water (a Geneva-based non-profit International Organization) have partnered to undertake a project dubbed “Leaving No One Behind - Building policies for vulnerable people into governance frameworks for water and sanitation in Kenya”. The project aims to promote progressive realisation of the rights to water and sanitation through elimination of inequalities in the sector. This report mirrors stakeholder engagements conducted during the situational analysis of Wajir, Marsabit, Garissa counties and contains a legal and policy analysis of the three counties. Equally, the report aims to identify specifically how each vulnerable group is provided for in terms of availability, accessibility, affordability, water quality and acceptability.. Download Report


Framework for Monitoring Realization of The Rights to Water And Sanitation In Kenya KNCHR based on its mandate articulated under Article 59 of the constitution, “to promote respect for human rights and develop a culture of human rights in the Republic” and “to monitor, investigate and report on the observance of human rights in all spheres of life in the Republic”, partnered with likeminded institutions to design this framework, to provide an apparatus through which various actors in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector can document and monitor progressive realization of the right to water and sanitation. The framework is in line with the provisions of the constitution and takes into account various international provisions and requirements such as the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the General Comment No. 15 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Download Report