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Advisories And Reporting On State Compliance

  • 30 June 2018
  • Author: James Mwenda
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Advisories And Reporting On State Compliance

The National Commission continues to advise the state on its obligations on human rights and also has taken part in reporting on the status of human rights in the country at the national and international level. For example the National Commission uses the UN treaty reporting procedures such as the UPR process and various Committees to report on the human rights Status in the Country. It is through these reporting that the recommendations are made to the State to improve on human rights compliance and observance in eth country.

One of the most success results of the reporting mechanisms UPR in which Kenya was advised to adopt the UNGPs and domesticate the same through development of the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. The State accepted this recommendation and is in the process of developing NAP on BHR. The Kenya National s takes a central role in this process. Together with the Department of Justice, KNCHR is the co-convenor for the process. It is anticipated that the NAP on business and human rights will be launched in July 2018. For more details on NAP visit nap.knchr.org.

The National Commission continues to advance the course of human rights in business through several strategies in line with its mandate.

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