Psychosocial Support and Debriefing
Regional Synergy

Regional Synergy

Debriefing Session and Training for Regional Coordinators

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Psycho-education on Occupational Stress Management

Human rights violations reported at the National commission vary in nature, and can occasionally  traumatizing,  and consequently exposes officers to  psychological and emotional impact leading to work stress and burnout, ending up to adverse effect on officers’ health and performance. 


The Kenya National Commission has identified Psychological Support, Counselling and Debriefing as one of its strategies in the resolution of complaint to victims who in one way or the other have suffered trauma in the course of violation meted on them.  Secondly, the programme further focuses on its staff, and feeds into the commissions strategic objective four (SP-4) on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Commission, through strengthening human resource. Debriefing further enhances the strengthening of internal controls on Occupation related risks such as; work stress, emotional exhaustion, burnout among others. 

Psychological Wellbeing of Staff

Psychosocial Support and Debriefing for complaints handling officers

Handling complaints, involves listening, “personal contact” with complainants, reading and analysing complaints lodged.Processing of complaints further involves field investigations and site visits, that more often exposes officers to traumatic experiences. 

Occupational debriefing for staff

Debriefing hence is vital to create and enabling environment through which officer are able to safely express and share experiences encountered in the course of work. Debriefing further empowers officers with basic counseling and coping skills for safe engagement with complainants and avoid vicarious trauma

Support for Complainants/Victims
  • Victims of human right violations in many occasion may suffer emotional, psychological and physical injuries due traumatic experiences they’ve gone through. Psychosocial support/counselling enhances complaints work, through psychological stability to victims of trauma, stress and psychological disorder, before they can be attended to by KNCHR complaints officers.


  • During investigation, then in-house counsellor accompanies the investigating team to provide on-site  counselling services as necessary