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Mekatilili Library

Mekatilili Library

Mekatilili Library

Mekatilili Library

Mekatilili Library

Mekatilili Library

Mekatilili Library

Mekatilili Library

Mekatilili Library

Mekatilili Library

About the Mekatilili Library

The library has one of richest and most current collection focussing on human rights and humanitarian law. The collection consists of monograph titles - mainly in English, journal subscriptions, and a vast number of electronic resources (both visual and audio-visual). The collection variety ranges from local, regional and international human rights related material.

This is the one of the very few libraries in Kenya that focuses on human rights, which also puts it in a unique position when it comes to the collection's breadth and depth. The collection has been built up through a thorough needs assessment relevant to address human rights programming needs in human rights organizations as well as addressing academic information needs.

Mekatilili Library, a special library in the context of its collection development, its service provision is however open to the public. It has continued to serve human rights practitioners, freelance researchers, and academicians countrywide.


Opening Hours

Weekdays                                                8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Weekends and Public holidays            Closed


Global Health and Human Rights Database

The Global Health and Human Rights Database is a free online database of law from around the world relating to health and human rights. Developed by Lawyers Collective and the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University, in collaboration with a worldwide network of civil society partners, the database offers an interactive, searchable, and fully indexed website of case law, national constitutions and international instruments.

Global Disability Rights Library

The Global Disability Rights Library (GDRL) seeks to build a bridge between global information sources and millions of people with disabilities, advocates, and policymakers around the world by making it easier for them to access hundreds of thousands of educational and organizational resources on disability rights, whether or not they have access to the Internet.
The Global Disabiliy Rights Library is included in the eGranary Digital Library, an off-line "Internet-in-a-Box" solution for people or organizations with little or no Internet access. With over 30 million multimedia educational resources, it is an inexpensive way to spread information where it is needed most.

Reproductive Health Matters 
The Reproductive Health Matters (RHM) journal is a peer-reviewed, international journal that explores emerging, neglected and marginalised issues across the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). 
Key topics addressed in RHM include (but are not limited to) abortion, family planning, contraception, female genital mutilation, HIV and other STIs, human papillomavirus (HPV), maternal health, SRHR in humanitarian settings, gender-based violence, young people, gender, sexuality and sexual rights.

Torture Journal

Torture Journal is intended to provide a multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of original research among professionals concerned with the biomedical, psychological and social interface of torture. The journal seeks to produce state-of-the-art knowledge on methodologies, approaches and disciplines available to provide health-based rehabilitation as well as educational and preventive aspects related hereto.

BMC International Health and Human Rights

BMC International Health and Human Rights is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on the influences of human rights violations on health in developing and transitional countries, as well as all issues relating to the impact of health policies, programs and practices on human rights.

Global Campus Human Rights Journal

Global Campus Human Rights Journal is established as a peer-reviewed bi-annual publication dedicated to serving as a forum for rigorous scholarly analysis, critical commentaries, and reports on recent developments pertaining to human rights and democratisation globally, particularly by adopting multi- and inter-disciplinary perspectives, and using comparative approaches. The Journal also aims to serve as a forum for fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration between stakeholders, including academics, activists in human rights and democratisation, NGOs and civil society. https://globalcampus.eiuc.org/e-journal 

The HRBA Portal

The HRBA Portal provides country-level practitioners with practical resources on mainstreaming human rights in programming.  It serves as a one-stop shop, providing access to relevant international human rights standards and instruments, programming tools and case-studies which demonstrate the application of a HRBA in practice.  The portal also provides access to a collection of insights and lessons learned from practitioners applying the HRBA in a wide range of sectors, through the HuriTALK section. www.hrbaportal.org