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Huduma Centre Initiative

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights has partnered with Huduma Kenya to increase its regional presence in the country and bring its services closer to the people. The commission is proud to be associated with Huduma Kenya and can now be found at the Eastleigh Post Office, along Eleventh Street.  Any member of the public can lodge his or her complaint through this center if they feel that his or her right has been violated. Please refer to the attached service charter and admissibility criteria here, for further information. 

While at the KNCHR desk, members of the public can also launch complaints that needs action by of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC); maladministration on behalf of the Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) and discrimination/ hate speech on behalf of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC). The complaint shall be referred to the respective institution electronically through  a joint initiative dubbed Integrated Public complaints Referral Mechanism (IPCRM). This initiative aims at bringing services closer to the citizens where any of these institutions do not have offices as is the case of Eastleigh. The respective agency then will contact the complainant directly within a period of 10 days.

The commission is also a member of the Nairobi Referral Partners Network, made up of more than 30 agencies, both government and non-governmental agencies (See list attached here). The purpose of the referral partner’s network is to assist each other in the handling and management of complaints. Through this partnership, the commission is able to refer complaints outside its mandate to its partners using a standard form, shared across the network. When a complaint is received and marked for referral, the officer handling is able to advice the petitioner accordingly and refer him to the most appropriate agency for assistance. A form is issued to the complainant to take with him/her to the relevant institution.

To read more about The Huduma Kenya Initiative visit http://www.hudumakenya.go.ke/.

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