KNCHR Submits its Mid-Term Report on the Third Cycle Universal Periodic Review

  • 22 March 2024
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KNCHR Submits its Mid-Term Report on the Third Cycle Universal Periodic Review

In order to realize a human rights-friendly world, the United Nations Human Rights Council established the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process in 2006. Under this process, all member States of the United Nations periodically review each other’s human rights record and recommend measures to improve the human rights situation in each country. The process takes place in cycles, each lasting four and a half years. Since its establishment, three cycles have been completed, with all United Nations member States having been reviewed three times.  

Kenya’s human rights record was last reviewed under the third cycle of the UPR process on 23rd January 2020. Following this review, Kenya received 319 recommendations from other United Nations member States to improve the human rights situation in the country. Kenya accepted to implement 263 of them before its next review in 2025.

The Government and other stakeholders including National Human Rights Institutions are encouraged under the UPR process to submit voluntary mid-term reports before their next review to assess the progress of implementation of accepted recommendations. Pursuant to its mandate of promoting and protecting human rights and ensuring the State’s compliance with obligations under international and regional treaties and conventions relating to human rights, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, in consultation with government Ministries, Agencies and Departments and with participation of civil society has prepared and submitted its mid-term report to the OHCHR assessing the level of implementation of the recommendations accepted under the third cycle of the UPR process.

The report established that out of the 263 accepted recommendations, majority (48) are in the process of being implemented. Furthermore, 8 have been fully implemented while 11 have been partially implemented. Little or no known action has been taken by the Government to implement 17 recommendations. Notably, commendable action has been made to reform the police service, to improve the regulatory framework on data protection, to abolish the death penalty, and to improve the juvenile justice system, access to health care including mental health and the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya. Poor progress has been made to ratify international human rights treaties, to remove barriers to the provision of sexual and reproductive health services and to address the rising cost of living.

The KNCHR mid-term report is accessible at:

Kenya’s outcome report on the third cycle UPR is available at:

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