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Urgent Action Needed to Address Escalating Insecurity in Samburu County

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) expresses deep concern over the resurgence of insecurity in parts of the country, leading to loss of lives and property. Particularly in Samburu County, in the areas such as; Porroh, Soit Pus, Morijo, Angata Nanyekie, Lolmolok, and Longewan, the Commission is troubled by the killings, displacement of families and closure of schools and public facilities.

A recent fact-finding mission by the Commission revealed that recurrent banditry attacks have disrupted the normal life of the people in these areas, creating an environment that undermines the enjoyment of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms of the locals. The right to freedom and security of the persons as enshrined in Article 29; as well as the right to property in Article 40 are guaranteed under the Constitution of Kenya. One of the direct consequences of this insecurity, as documented by KNCHR, is the closure of schools, severely impacting access to education. Schools like Amaiya Primary School - which is a public school in Samburu West, Lorroki Soit Pus ECD and Primary School, Ntima Nariko Primary School and Nasur Primary School - which is at the boarder of Baringo and Samburu Counties - have been closed as of 16th February, 2024, further exacerbating the situation.

The insecurity has further been worsened by the killing of Hon. Paul Leshimpiro, the Member of County Assembly (MCA) of Angata Nanyekie Ward on or about 26th February, 2024, reportedly by suspected bandits in the Soit Pus area. The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights notes that the late MCA had been actively advocating for Government action to restore security in his area, making his death even more tragic. The Commission offers its deepest sympathies and condolences to the family of the late MCA.

In light of these developments, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights urgently calls on the Government to take immediate and decisive action to address the insecurity in Samburu County. The Commission recommends the following urgent actions:

1. Deployment of Adequate Security Personnel: The Government should deploy sufficient numbers of law enforcement personnel to the affected areas, equipped with the right equipment to ensure a visible and robust presence that deters potential security threats.
2. Heightened Intelligence and Surveillance: Security agencies should intensify intelligence-gathering and surveillance operations to identify, prevent and neutralize individuals or groups responsible for insecurity.
3. Expeditious Investigations and Prosecution: The National Police Service (NPS) and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) must ensure that those responsible for acts of violence, robbery, cattle rustling, criminal threats, or intimidation are swiftly brought to justice, sending a clear message that impunity will not be tolerated.
4. Investigation of Land Ownership and Attacks: The Directorate of Criminal Investigations, the National Land Commission, and other relevant agencies should investigate the connection between land ownership and the current spate of attacks, particularly along the boundaries between Samburu and neighboring Counties. This is due to the worries expressed by Community leaders and the situation where some families have had to re-locate because of safety concerns.

In conclusion, the KNCHR calls on all duty bearers in Samburu County to prioritize the safety and security of the affected areas, enabling people to safely return home and resume their lives without fear. The Commission continues to monitor the human rights situation closely and urges the Government to protect the rights of all Kenyan citizens. Immediate action is crucial to prevent further loss of life and displacement of communities. Finally, the Commission calls on anyone with information and human rights concerns relating to the insecurity in Samburu County and any other region in the country to share it through-: SMS-22359, Email- complaint@knchr.org WhatsApp 0798 849 871, and Toll-Free Line 0800 720 627.

Roseline Odede, HSC
Kenya National Commission on Human Rights

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