Entrenching Human Rights Education in Learning Institutions

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and Kisii University have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to strengthen and entrench human rights education and knowledge into the University’s curriculum.

The partnership is the third of its kind for the Commission having signed the first with Laikipia University and the second with University of Nairobi within the last four years.

“Learning institutions are powerhouses where great minds and brains gather, with the end result of finding solutions to challenges in the communities we live in, “said KNCHR CEO Dr. Bernard Mogesa during the signing ceremony.

“It is also important to acknowledge that we all come from different communities and regions of the country where human rights issues and needs vary. That multi-cultural representation is the diversity we celebrate as a country so that together we speak for human rights as one people and one nation,” he continued.

He further added that as a country, we are not there yet, but we are not where we used to be because of the progressive nature of society. That today learning institutions are making the effort to entrench human rights education in their curriculum to empower learners who are key decision makers in society is an indicator of this progressive movement.

Dr. Mogesa was speaking in Kisii University on 14th February 2019 when he led a delegation of KNCHR management team to a signing ceremony which was officiated by the University Vice Chancellor Professor John Akama.

In lauding the union, the Vice Chancellor acknowledged that Universities need to partner with institutions that work in the areas they train he students for practical application of the theories they impart on the learners.

“We cannot live without human rights and it is a welcome gesture for our students to be mentored by those in the industry as they prepare to join the job market. We are welcoming KNCHR to partner and work with our students and faculty in research on human rights issues as well as partner with the students in awareness programmes that will enrich their human knowledge,” said Prof. Akama.

On its part, KNCHR is working towards establishing a human rights club within the institution that can over time host intra and inter university debates and other public awareness forums around the University to enhance the students understanding on practical human rights issues in the society.

KNCHR offers one year full time internship opportunities to both diploma and degree students who show interest in human rights agenda, a leaf that was extended to the students of Kisii University. The internship opportunities, however, are only for students who have finalized their coursework and graduated.

The Commission also offers a three month attachment opportunity to third and fourth year students to give them and early start into the employment arena.

The Commission is also currently working with the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) to seek ways of entrenching human rights education in primary and secondary education.

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