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Enhancing Social Accountability in Kenya’s Health Sector

Enhancing Social Accountability in Kenya’s Health Sector

The conference brings together social accountability CSOs involved in Kenya’s health sector, national and county governments, the Private Sector, constitutional oversight bodies (KNCHR), the media, donor agencies, academic sector and researchers. A total of 250 participants are expected. All counties are invited to participate in the conference. The activity will be co-hosted by KNCHR and several civil society organisations, among them AMREF Health, HERAF and Haki Jamii. 

The meeting is expected to increase awareness of the public on ECOSOC rights, specifically the right to health and the concept of social accountability that will lead to enhanced delivery of quality services and standards in relation to the right to health.


  • To create awareness on the right to health, the concept of social accountability and legal framework for social accountability in Kenya.
  • To share experiences, case studies, best practices, lessons learnt and challenges faced by various social accountability actors participating in national and county government’s decision making processes.
  • To provide opportunity for the stakeholders to share strategies for strengthening different pillars of Kenya’s health system and for institutionalizing social accountability mechanisms.
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