Laikipia University - Center for Human Rights

In April 2015, KNCHR signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the Laikipia University. The purpose of the MoA is to establish collaboration in human rights education and advocacy with the aim of strengthening the quality of teaching human rights and national advocacy, research and outreach in Kenya.

The signing of the MOA cemented the establishment of the Centre for Human Rights within the directorate of external linkages of the Laikipia University. KNCHR has now opened an office within the Centre and posted an officer to lead its interventions and support the partnership. The location of the office helps to bridge the existing accessibility gaps and addressing the human rights issues of marginalized communities such as Samburus. 

Lakipia University is the only university offering human rights as a core course therefore this partnership will further the promotion of a human rights culture through instruction and practice in institutions of higher learning. This will enable both KNCHR and Laikipia University to meet the expectations of the public as far as enjoyment of human rights is concerned.

The Commission considers this partnership as key to achievement of its Strategic Objectives and enhancing its accessibility throughout the Country. The partnership will help the commission in working with partners and communities in the region in the four thematic areas of; observance of human rights by public and private actors; access to justice; economic, social and cultural rights; and organizational efficiency and effectiveness.