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Business with Kenya National Commission on Human Rights

Procurement function of KNCHR is handled by the procurement department and is guided by the Public procurement Act of 2005 and Public procurement regulations of 2005 and as it may be promulgated from time to time.KNCHR advertises tenders requesting interested vendors who may be interested to supply or offer services in the various categories to participate.Vendors who submit their interest are evaluated as per the criteria stated in the tender document & those who qualify are included in the list of suppliers over the period stated in the document..

UNDP vendor form

Instructions to fill the UNDP vendor form
Kindly, ensure that; 

  1. Section 3: herein after, supplier information has been duly filled.
  2. Section 4 :herein after, beneficiary banking information has been duly filled ( i.e. bank name, bank ID, branch name and swift code numbers are provided)
  3. Section 5: herein after, the beneficiary bank account details has been dully filled.
  4. You have authorized payment to the bank account given by appending your signature at the bottom of the UNDP vendor form.

Above all, ensure that the form has been stamped by your bankers to affirm that the bank detail provided is correct. 
Send the duly completed forms to; procurement2@knchr.org
Download form

IFMIS vendor form

Information as required to define vendor/suppliers details in the intergrated financial management system (IFMIS)  Download form