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ESSIONAL PAPER NO 3 OF 2014 ON NATIONAL POLICY AND ACTION PLAN ON HUMAN RIGHTSThe formulation of the National Policy and Action Plan on Human Rights marks an important milestone in the national strive towards the fulfilment, respect, observance, promotion and protection of human rights. The National Policy and Action Plan gives effect to Chapter Four of the Constitution, which is the legal and constitutional framework on human rights in Kenya. The successful implementation and operationalization of Chapter Four requires the development and adoption of an overarching coherent policy framework that sets human rights goals and priorities within achievable time frames and provides guidance to all actors regarding the specific tasks that need to be accomplished to ensure that human rights principles are integrated and mainstreamed in all aspect of the Government’s developmental agenda.

Human Rights Baseline Survey Report
This is a survey report as carried out by KNCHR towards the end of 2015 in 8 regions of the country (former provinces). The aim of the survey was to gather relevant quantitative and qualitative data to help assess achievements made on its revised strategic plan, 2015-2018. The baseline survey mapped indicators at all level of results which will be used to measure progress against the set goals and objectives throughout the life cycle of the revised strategic plan.

The Sub Regional Conference for Eastern Africa National Human Rights Institutions- Nairobi, 7-9 December 2015
This is a report consolidating highlights of a conference which was jointly organized by KNCHR and NANHRI with the support of the Royal Netherlands Embassy brought together NHRIs from Eastern Africa and civil society groups to discuss the situation of human rights in the region and deliberate strategies for addressing common issues.

Its Hard to be Good

Its Hard to be Good
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (‘KNCHR’) has come of age. The past eight years of the Commission’s existence have witnessed remarkable milestones in the never-flagging national aspiration of ensuring that Kenyans have effective exercise of their human rights; and the Commission has played essential roles in facilitating this progress. Yet coming of age has had its ups and downs, and its high as much as low points. KNCHR has withstood and perhaps paradoxically prospered as an independent, determined and dedicated human rights institution. 

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Keeping the focus: A human rights agenda
The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) congratulates Kenyans for turning out in large numbers and peacefully exercising their democratic right to vote. KNCHR further congratulates all elected leaders as they assume office.
KNCHR wishes to call upon the new Government to ensure that the aspirations of Kenyans as eloquently pronounced in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 are actualized   by addressing the following concerns:


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