Internally displaced persons

In the year 2004, the KNHCR started working with persons who had been displaced as a result of the politically instigated violence of 1992 and 1997. In 2007/2008 when hundreds of thousands were displaced as a result of the post-election violence the KNCHR put in place a mechanism for the monitoring and documentation of the human rights and protection concerns. 

This initiative saw the KNCHR appointed as the cluster led of the National Protection Working Group; a consortium of government ministries and departments, international and national non- governmental organizations that work with IDPs. Two notable outcomes of this work are the Draft IDP policy and the Draft IDP legislation which if passed into law will provide a legal and policy framework for the protection of IDPs in Kenya. 
In 2009, the KNCHR expanded its work to include all categories displaced persons other than those displaced due to political violence. In this regard, the KNCHR in 2011 conducted country-wide monitoring of all cases of displacement; the findings of which are currently being documented in a protection assessment report that will guide the government and other actors on interventions and durable solutions.