Human Resource and Administration Department

The Human Resource and Administration department of the Commission works towards enhancing the capacity of the Commission to effectively deliver on its mandate. The department aims at acquiring, building and retaining human capacity to provide quality, efficient and effective services to the public. It provides strategic and day to day support to the various departments of the commission and ensures that the commission has the human capacity to deliver on its mandate. 

It exists to co-ordinate the effectiveness of the Commission and administration of Human Resources and other allied services to ensure that the staff matters are promptly attended to with a view to motivating the Commissions employees for effective performance and productivity. It also ensures there is optimal utilization of the human capacity throughout the organization as a basis of effectively and efficiently attaining set objectives and ensures that the commission has sufficient capacity for the growing scope and geographical coverage for human rights issues in the region.

The departments function ensures that human resources and administration policy guidelines are in place, correctly interpreted and fairly applied relating to its various functions of planning, recruitment and selection, discipline/grievance handling, compensation, employee relations, staff welfare, staff training and development, Performance Management and staff career growth and succession plans, asset management, utilities and office maintenance and statutory compliance.

Other areas of the Administration function exist to ensure effectiveness of the Commission in the areas of fleet management, documents management and occupational health and safety.

The Success of the commission is enhanced in having a sound organization structure and requisite staffing and tools/equipment to deliver on its mandate.