Complaint and Investigations

The Complaints and Investigations Programme receives complaints of alleged violations of human rights, investigates them and advises the Commission on possible options for redress. The department investigates human rights violations and endeavors to resolve the matters before it by conciliation, mediation and negotiation..

Some of the complaints that are investigated by the KNCHR include: complaints against security agencies (police, armed forces, prison warders); complaints about denial of rights recognized in national law and international treaties which Kenya has ratified.

However, there are some complaints, as indicated in section 30 of the KNCHR act that fall outside the Commision’s admissibility criteria such as;

  1. A case pending before a court of law or judicial tribunal

  2. A criminal offence

  3. A matter relating to relations between the State and any other foreign state or international organization recognized as such under any international law,

  4. A matter relating to the exercises of prerogative mercy

Where an issues does do not fall within the Admissibility Criteria, complainants are  referred to relevant partner Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), government departments or public bodies for their appropriate action.

Human rights clinics

The Programme also holds quarterly human rights clinics countrywide where they interact with members of the public, educating them on their various rights. The clinics provide an opportunity for the public to air complaints as well as receive legal advice on issues such as land, succession, rights of arrested persons and people undergoing criminal trials, among other issues.

Need to report and issue or understand or admissibility criteria ?

Please find below a document that describers our admissibility criteria for complaints filed at KNCHR. To file a complaint you can either visit our offices to record your complaint, send as a letter on the contacts provided, use our online complaints page or send the complaints to following email address: complaint@knchr.org 

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