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Report Violation
Report Violation
Have your rights been violated ? Click here to lodge a complaint

Have your rights been violated ? Click here to lodge a complaint
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Welcome to KNCHR

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) welcomes members of the public to be partakers of the journey of promoting and protecting human rights for all. A public institution, KNCHR operates on an open door and non discrimination policy that allows Kenyans to freely report any cases of rights violations as well as celebrate gains in the human rights sector. We are non partisan institution that ensures transparency in the work we do. We continuously educate members of the public, state officers and other non state actors on their rights and how these should be respected and also to respect the rights of others.

KNCHR Re-aligns its Strategic Plan

Whereas Kenya now has a Constitution that is strong on human rights, the respect and observance of human rights continues to face significant challenges from both public and private actors. The integration of human rights principles and norms in the policies, practices and processes of the various actors is only beginning. The current phase of Kenya’s governance is one of mainstreaming these norms in all institutions and working with these institutions, groups and actors to ensure that a human rights culture emerges and is consolidated. Read More

Towards A Healthy Nation

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights’ output of ensuring the operationalization of Article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya that the KNCHR has partnered with Healthstrat to ensure the right to health is strengthened countrywide. Healthstrat is an organization that works to strengthen systems for delivery of health systems in Kenya.To solidify the partnership, KNCHR and Healthstrat signed a Memorandum of Understanding signifying a vision towards a common goal; that of securing a healthy nation through empowering health structures in counties Read More

Our Partners
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